Motorola DEFY - Satellite Link Device

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Short description:

Motorola Defy Satellite Link: Compatible with any iOS or Android device via Bluetooth connection.

600 mAh Li-Polymer Battery / USB-C charger included / IP-68 / MIL-SPEC 810H

Includes the "ESSENTIAL" base plan of 30 messages per month for 12 months. Unlimited SOS 2-way messaging with Focus Point International


Give any smartphone the power of satellite connectivity. Supercharge your existing network with the Motorola Defy satellite link, an advanced satellite hotspot device that ensures peace of mind – wherever your next adventure takes you.

The Motorola Defy satellite enabled device allows users to stay in touch with 2-way messaging through the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app even when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. Now you can check in, share your location or send messages to friends and family when you're off the grid. The device itself is IP-68 rated and uses your personal cell number, not a random satellite contact number. The app also syncs your phone's contact list for easy-to-use communication.

The unit comes with the "Essential" service plan which includes 1 year of service allowing you 30 messages per month. There are multiple service plans available for up to 400 messages per month. The service is paid (after your first 12 months free) through the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app upon creating an account and connecting your new device. Location tracking plans coming in Q3 2023. Unlimited SOS 2-way messaging with Focus Point International is included with any plan.

Many smartphones have SOS capabilities now. Those are 1-way messages in pre-canned form with no interaction with SOS services or friends and family. The Motorola Defy service uses Inmarsat and Echo Star satellites which are higher orbiting than Iridium or Leo satellites. This service allows for better coverage and reliability.

For a coverage map of the U.S. and around the world, click here