Terms and Conditions

Open account (NET 30) terms will be authorized upon receipt of a completed credit application, dealer agreement and opening order. Other payment terms accepted are C.O.D., wire transfer and credit cards (VISA, Master Card or Discover). Customers must be current and in good credit standing to be eligible for promotions offered by rf Services.

Credit/Debit Card Purchasing Terms: If your company chooses to purchase with a credit or debit card, the transaction must take place upon the day of shipment. We can no longer accept credit or debit card payments after we have given open terms (NET 15/20/30) to your account.

Late Payment Charge: All accounts will be subject to a monthly 1 ½% late payment charge on all past due invoices. The late payment charge is due NET 30 days.

Collections: Any account that is turned over to a collections agency will immediately be canceled as an authorized Vertex Standard/rf Services dealer. Those accounts will also be subject to late payment charges as well as collections agency fees